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About Us

Innovative Thermal Solutions is a subsidiary of Delafield Pty Ltd, a private company incorporated in 1987 and has its registered office in Brisbane, Australia. Its principal executive offices and Research and Development facilities  located at 1-33 German Church Road, Carbrook, 4130, Queensland, Australia.

The company focuses on Thermo-acoustic pulse detonation research and development activities, with their fundamental and interdisciplinary approach to heat energy requirements Delafield invented and developed a technology that will revolutionize heat exchange market.

The technology developed Harmonic Resonance Combustion (HRC) is a highly energy- efficient Thermo-acoustic combustion system with ultra low-emission.

This new technology has the capacity to increase production capacity and decrease energy consumption and pressure on the environment. We offer sustainable heat exchange solutions that fit current economic and environmental requirements.

Model release

1. Initial model

The first commercial model the HRC-20 was released in 2008


2. Current model
The current model HRC-30 went into production in 2012


3. Future development

The development of larger capacity model is well advanced and is scheduled to be released late 2013